Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If I arrive late will the boat wait for me?

A. No. Check in by 6:15AM, Boat leaves at 6:30AM. The captain will meet you in the parking lot and show you where to park. The boat departs at 6:30AM sharp and will not wait. Arriving late infringes on the fishing time of the entire group and is not fair to those who show up on time.

Q. Do I need to buy a fishing license?

A. NO. The cost for recreational for-hire salt- water charter boat trip includes the fishing license.

Q. Do you sell/provide food and drinks?

A. NO. Please bring your own lunch and drinks for the day. We supply everything else.

Q. May I bring my own gear?

A. YES, though It is not necessary to being any equipment. We provide all the gear. However, if you have a favorite pole and gear suitable for deep sea fishing, you may bring it. If you lose or damage our equipment you will be charged a replacement fee of the equipment lost. $15- per lost jig. Replacement rod and reel prices also apply depending on damage.

Q. Do you use bait/ May I bring bait?

A. NO. We jig with 16 oz. handmade jigs and teasers. We have been doing this for years and it works very well. Clams and/or live bait attract dogfish which compete with us for the catch. Please refrain from bringing bait.

Q. Is there a restroom onboard?


Q. DO I need to bring an extra cooler for my fish?

A. NO. You will be assigned a number and all fish you catch will be marked with that number and stored in our commercial cooler until the ride back in. On the way in the mate will separate the fish in buckets according to numbers and filet and package the fish for you. The cooler you bring your lunch in should be enough to take your fish home in.

Q. Are there any hidden fees?

A. NO. Sorry, we do not offer discounts regardless of age or membership in organizations/clubs. It is a flat fee for all. There is no tax or extra amount added for gear rental. You are only responsible for bringing your own food and drinks, and tipping the mate. Suggested tip amount is 15-20%. Prices subject to change depending on current fuel costs.

Q. Is alcohol allowed onboard?

A. YES. Alcohol is permitted for those 21 years of age and older. Responsible drinking only is allowed.

Q. Is smoking allowed?

A. YES. If you smoke, we prefer you do so at the stern of the boat.

Q. Is recreational and/or medical marijuana allowed?

A. NO. Although recreational and medicinal marijuana is legal in Maine it is not legal on the boat or in federal waters.

Q. Are young children allowed on fishing trips?

A. NO. We recommend that children onboard for a deep-sea fishing trip be at least 8 years old unless they have previous deep- sea fishing experience and/or are seriously into in fishing. Please discuss any age -related questions when you book. It is a long day and there are hooks, gaffs, and gear onboard that are not safe for very young children to be around. Babies in carriers /front packs/back packs are also not permitted on deep sea fishing trips. We have heard it all, including how well behaved the baby is, and how the baby -sitter bailed. It is simply unfair to all to have babies, toddlers and young children onboard all day. Even at age 8 a child cannot successfully deep- sea fish alone.  Young children may NOT be left unsupervised while parents/guardians’ fish. We ask that you bring your own life vest for children as our survival life vests are emergency grade and not intended for recreational use.

Q. May my teen or pre-teen fish without an adult onboard?

A. NO. Persons under 18 years old MUST be accompanied by an adult parent or guardian on fishing trips.

Q. Are pets allowed onboard?

A. NO. Again, we have heard it all-how well behaved the dog/cat is (yes, someone did request to bring a cat onboard) etc. It is simply not fair to all onboard. Service dogs ONLY (not emotional support animals) are allowed onboard.

Q. If I do not fish, may I come onboard and watch for free?

A. NO. We sell by the seat. Whether you fish or not, each seat must be paid for.

Q. Do you fish in the rain?

A. YES. We have a heated covered wheelhouse and bunk area. Please bring your own rain gear if rain is in the forecast. We only cancel a trip if the conditions at sea are dangerous. You will be notified the evening before if seas look to be dangerous.

Q. Do I need to wear a life vest?

A. We recommend life vests for all children. The boat has more than enough Coast Guard inspected survival life vests available for both adults and children in case of an emergency. These are bulky and not suitable for recreational wear. Please bring life vests for children.

Q. Will I be charged if I cancel after the 48 -hour grace period, or if a member of my party does not show up the day of the trip?

A. YES. We have a limited number of seats to sell and a limited amount of days to fish each season which is also dictated by the weather. When you book, we turn away others who want to book. We require 48 hours’ notice for a full refund on regular day trips. We have heard it all, “family emergencies” and “death in the family” are the top two excuses, especially when it is a rainy day. Down payments on private charters are NON-REFUNDABLE as we have been holding an entire boat for you turning away customers as that entire day has been reserved for you. You are responsible for the number of people booked on your credit card.

Q. May I come early or stay late and fish on the docks or from the boat?

A. NO. We are a business operating from a PRIVATE dock which is to be used to board and disembark only. Please wait in the parking lot in the morning to check in. The Captain will meet you there for check-in and show you where to park before giving you the “OK” to board the boat. Do not board the Nor’easter without prior permission from the Captain ONLY. Do not wait, hang out, walk on, explore, or come early to fish on the docks. We rent a shared dock space along with many others. There are safety hazards on the dock, including ropes, marine equipment and gear, and insurance and liability issues. We have insurance on our vessel only. The same goes in the evening when we return.