Frequently asked Questions:

Q:  Do I need a fishing license to fish on the Nor’easter?

A:  No. A fishing license is not required to fish on a USCG certified charter boat with a USCG certified captain.

Q:  Do you provide all the gear?

A: Yes. We jig for fish and all rods, reels and tackle is provided at no additional cost. We do not use bait as jigs work very well.

Q:  Do you fillet the fish?

A:  Yes. The mate will clean, fillet, and package your catch  in zip lock bags on the trip back to shore. The mate works for tips, 15%-20% of your ticket price.

Q:  Should we bring an extra cooler for our fish?

A:  No. We have a commercial cooler to store the fish in while we are at sea. The fish are cleaned ,filleted and packaged on the way in and can be easily transported in your lunch cooler.

Q:  Do you fish is it rains?

A:  Yes. Please wear appropriate rain gear. We have a covered wheelhouse.

Q:  Is there a restroom onboard?

A:  Yes.