Ash Scattering Services

More and more people are choosing ash scattering ceremonies at sea as a way to honor a loved one’s life and say goodbye, particularly if that loved one had a strong connection to the ocean. The Nor’easter has been providing burial of ashes at sea services along with our fishing charters and special event charters for many years.

We can take up to 24 passengers. There is room to set up memorial photos, flowers, food and drinks.

All burials at sea can be tailored to the specific needs and requests of the family members and friends of the loved one being honored. Burial of ashes at sea is far less costly than many other types of burial choices. We are much more affordable than going through a burial at sea company as most companies start at more than twice the amount of our fee, and we are a local, working boat. You deal directly with us, and not a chartering service.

A basic ash scattering at sea ceremony on the Nor’easter starts at $800- for an hour and a half of boat time for up to 24 passengers with USCG licensed Captain Mike Perkins and mate. More time can be added for an additional fee. $400 deposit due at time of booking and $300 for every additional hour at sea.

What to expect: We take passengers out to a chosen location and allow the family members to speak and share memories. Sometimes scriptures and favorite poems are read, or music is played before the ashes or a bio-degradable urn containing ashes is released into the ocean. After ashes are dispersed and/or disappear from sight, a period of time to reflect is given. We then leave to go back to port. On the trip back, people sometimes have food and drinks. Coordinates of where the loved one’s remains were scattered is given.

Please call 207-450-1831 for more information.

NOTE: Prices subject to change depending on current fuel cost.